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Kennedy Pearson Yoga Instructor

Kennedy is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching for over 8 years.  She is passionate about sharing all of the amazing benefits and ensuring her classes are comfortable physically, mentally and socially.  Yoga is a perfect option to gain mobility, strength and improve your overall health.


We offer regular yoga classes, private classes and salty yoga classes.  Please book your class from our list below. 

Our salt rooms are designed to be peaceful places to allow the body to relax. The humidity, air circulation, and temperature are all carefully controlled to provide a calm and soothing environment. The negative ions in the salt allow your body to perform at its peak, one breath, one movement at a time. Combine salt and yoga to receive the most benefit for your body.

An article in Shape magazine explains that “Salty yoga also boasts [the benefits of halotherapy], combined with poses that help to build strength and flexibility in the primary and secondary muscles of respiration, thereby increasing—even more—breath capacity, oxygenation, endurance and performance.”

improves strength, balance and flexibility

benefits heart health

helps with back pain relief

relaxes you, to help you sleep better

can ease arthritis symptoms

helps you manage stress

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