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Owner, Stephanie Starr, grew up in Bedford County. After graduating from Frostburg State University, she moved south to warmer weather where she still resides along with her husband and 2 children. Everyone asks it so lets rip off the bandaid...why Bedford, PA?


In 2010 Stephanie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Since her diagnosis, she has been passionate about finding natural ways to stay as healthy as possible. A couple of years ago she went to a friends salt spa and loved it. That night she had a vision, like a neon sign, about opening one in Bedford. She and her husband discussed, prayed and decided to go for it and see what would happen. Many have questioned the location since it is 10 hours from where they currently live in Wilmington, NC. However, the path has been laid and they said if it happens then God has taken care of it. If not, then He closed the door. (He kept the door open in case you wondered).


In her research of Salt Therapy, Stephanie learned about the incredible benefits of Red Light Therapy. Adding in organic Kombucha, which is great for gut health, means Southern Salts is offering complete wellness for everyone at every age.


While we believe in miracles, neither Salt or Light therapy are immediate fixes. Most people require multiple sessions and we will work with you on your personal health plan.


--Welcome to healthy.

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